Piano Questions/Answers

Here you will get answers on the most common questions related to piano lessons.

What is the cost for private music lessons?

The cost of music lessons: tuition paid to the teacher.

How do you define the price rates?

Tuition rates depend on three factors: market area, teacher’s qualifications, and lesson format.

  • Market Area
    If you’ve recently moved to South Florida, Boca Raton and surrounding towns, please realize that tuition might be different from another state or city. Generally, the bigger the market, the higher the tuition. West Palm Beach County is a quite big market.
  • Teacher’s Qualifications
    Tuition also varies based on the teacher’s education level and experience A teacher with a doctorate will charge more than one who is self-taught with no music degree.
  • Lesson Format
    Tuition depends on the length of the lesson and attention students receive.
    30 min. lesson will cost more than 45min. lesson, since such a limited time as 30 min. is much more stressful for student and teacher and requires much more efforts to provide and reach lesson goal.


Is there are any option for discount in payments?

Family with siblings might get a special consideration if no less then two of them will study at my studio.
Your referral will be greatly appreciated. Discount for tuition (one free lesson) will be given to those who have referred students to me after that student has stayed in my studio for at least three months.

What are typical tuition rates in the Atlanta metro area?

Tuition rates on a “half hour private lesson” basis.
My requirements:
30 min. for age 6-7
45-60 min. for intermediate children and beginner adults
1 hour for advanced children and intermediate adults
Payments are required in advance by the beginning of each month or semester (6 month). It might be individual variety in payments like 3 months in advance.

What might be the cost of the instrument?

All music students will need an instrument on which they can practice at home. You may purchase a new instrument, or for a lower investment you may purchase a used instrument, or rent an instrument. I may allow students to begin with an electric keyboard but encourage to move to the fortepiano (upright, spinet, grand piano)) or digital piano as soon as possible. Digital keyboards require different touch and might be harmful for piano technique in future. There are many instrument sales and rental dealers in town. Please consult with me personally to find out recommendations.

What other “supplemental” cost may be required to take private lessons?

Sheet music and method books are normally required for the student to make progress in lessons. I will buy some of them for you with reimbursement and will ask you to do the shopping yourself.
Musical accessories. That includes metronome, portable CD player, pencils, crayons, assignment book
Festivals, competitions and recitals have various entry fees.

What is the make-up policy?

Make-up lessons are given only in case of an extreme emergency and if students notify me 24 hours ahead. In this situation the lesson will be rescheduled. Make-up lessons might be given in form of a private lesson or a studio lesson.
Make-up lesson can be given in case of extended illness (three or more weeks)
They’re no make-up for forgotten classes or missed for any reason without a notification in advance.
When student is late for the lesson it cannot be extended in view of the next student’s lesson.
There no prorated lesson fees for missed lessons. Monthly payment remains the same for each month, regardless of the number of lessons each month, except of summer schedule in June and July (read our Calendar link).
The due date is on the first day of each month. Late fee in amount $10 will be applied after late payments. $30 fee are applied for returned checks.

When can we start lessons?

Lessons are scheduled on a year round basis and can begin at any