College & Professional Pianists

As a professional with the vast experience in European (USIA, Kazan Conservatory) and US colleges (Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan, Georgia Perimeter College, Georgia State University (NMS), Reinhardt University) and a Faculty of the Summer Academy in Germany, I will be able to provide valuable benefits to college students in many areas of a college curricula at my studio:

Either you prepare to enter the college and need to fulfill the Piano requirements (for signers or instrumentalists);

Or you a Piano Major and need an additional coaching for your Piano Jury or Competitions;

Or you want to get an opportunity for a private lesson with the leading professors of the United States, invited by your teacher for the local piano events;

Or you want to improve your skill for an Accompaniment with vocalists;

Or, in Piano Collaborative ensembles with its equal partnership specifics, you want to learn the secrets of unification of the string bow strokes, wind instruments articulation, and merging the sounds of the opposite instruments to create an impressive concert pianist level interpretations;

Or you want to understand Fundamentals of Baroque Performance Practice, play on a historical instrument (harpsichord) and learn how to apply the principals of Baroque Phrasing, Articulation, Tempo, and Genres’ features on the piano in music of Bach, Handel, Scarlatti and others –

—You will receive the most qualified advice based on the knowledge of the international achievements in modern Piano Pedagogy and Piano Performance Practice.