I am an adult learner living in a rural area where good piano instruction is difficult to find.  I am so happy to have found Dr. Isaacs!  She is an absolute gem and a master of piano pedagogy.  I’ve only been studying with her since January 2014, but my weekly Skype lessons with her have brought my playing to a whole new level.  I feel improvements with every lesson. Dr. Isaacs has the extraordinary gift of identifying exactly what I’m doing wrong in each practice and each piece (by measure, almost by individual notes), then coming up with a plan to fix those problems.  She breaks down the steps of each fix into digestible parts so I can I understand what to do, and practice the fix.   Dr. Isaacs knows the “tricks” to break bad habits, and can identify the weak points in my technique.  She helps me understand that elusive thing called “the touch” and devise practices to help me internalize and implement it in my playing.  The end result is a musicality that I did not think I even possessed.What I like most about lessons with Dr. Isaacs is that she teaches me not only how to play piano better, but also how to develop good piano practice methods and habits.  I think the latter ability is exceptionally rare, and what separates a good piano teacher from a great piano teacher. Dr. Isaacs is without any doubt from me, a great teacher.  I feel very fortunately to have found her and I hope to learn from her for a long time to come, and through Skype I don’t see any reason why not, even if I end up moving across the world.

Hanh.V.,  Florida

Raisa Isaacs, a teacher of teachers

I have been studying with Raisa since October 2013.  With a (long ago) degree in music education as a voice major, and actually a piano major for one year, I decided I really needed to improve my piano skills as I entered the private teaching stage of my life.  I thought I would just take a few “brush up” lessons and be done with it.  Enter Dr. isaacs.  She is the perfect mentor for me, encouraging me to improve way beyond what I thought was possible.  By introducing me to the Royal Conservatory Certificate Program she has motivated me to tackle the difficult repertoire that all pianists dream of playing.  Especially, but not limited to, music of the Baroque Era, of which she is a complete expert, her explanations of how to articulate musical phrases, create conversations between voices, identify questions and answers in the musical design, as well as suggest colors in playing, fuels my desire to spend time practicing and continually improving.  I was able to work for and receive a level 10 certificate under her guidance.  Her teaching constantly weaves in elements of history including art, dance, and architecture of different periods. Her knowledge of different cultures and their influence on the composers and their music is fascinating.  She is a teacher of teachers.
Our lessons via skype work amazingly well.  In fact there are advantages to Skype lessons such as no travel time to and from lessons!
Jill Hudson, Atlanta, GA

We are pleased to have the option to have our lessons via Skype. There were times when we could not attend our regularly scheduled lessons due to sickness or out-of-town commitments. The option to Skype removed any disruptions and allowed us to progress seamlessly through our piano program. The execution of the lesson was easy and efficient. Thank you, Raisa, for this wonderful option.

G.E., Duluth

Dr. Isaacs is one of the greatest teachers in my life. She teaches me not only technical skills but also develop my knowledge about background of the compositions and interpretation of music. Since I started lessons with her – my performance greatly improved.

S.H., Japan

As a parent of one of Ms. Raisa’s students, I believe that she is one of the best piano teachers my daughter has studied with. Her piano skills clearly demonstrate her superior knowledge of music!

Leping W., Snellville

Our daughter took piano lessons for 5 years prior to beginning lessonswith Ms. Raisa two years ago. We are amazed at the growth she hasdemonstrated during these 2 years. Not only has Ms. Raisa helped her to continue to improve her piano technique, but she also stresses to our 12 year old the importance of emotion and meaning behind the music. It has brought a whole new level of understanding and maturity to her performances. She has a long way to go still, but we believe Ms. Raisa is an excellent steward of her budding talent. Not only is Ms. Raisa a great piano teacher, she is an absolute amazing performer in her own right. Any opportunity to see her perform is a real treat! However, I believe the best compliment I can give Ms. Raisa is that she inspires our daughter. Regular piano practices occur with little parental prodding in our home and our daughter gets really excited about competitions and recitals. Thanks Ms. Raisa!

Annette A., Alpharetta

I feel very fortunate to have found Raisa as a piano teacher. I am an advanced adult student who has played the piano for many years and studied with many teachers. I am truly convinced that Raisa is an exceptional teacher – she has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the music including styles, historic context, technique, and of course, musicianship. And she conveys this knowledge effectively and often with a great sense of humor.She has shown me how to make difficult technical problems easier (I am playing pieces that I never thought I’d be able to play) and given me a greater understanding of how to analyze a piece of music  – always in a manner that makes the knowledge transferable to other pieces of music. What’s most important to me, however, is that I feel that I am always being challenged to reach my personal best. She does not let me settle for “just okay” or “just good”, but encourages me to listen and work out those details in the music that separate the good from the artistic. Because of her, I believe I have really grown as a musician, and even though musically there is so much more for me to learn, each day I know that have achieved my best for the moment – and that is a dream come true.

D.B., Alpharetta

Ms. Raisa is a wonderful piano teacher. Her way of teaching is very impressive and her skills are by far the best.

Michelle W., Snellville

Finding a good piano teacher is very difficult for an adult who is really serious about wanting to learn how to play. Up until now, most teachers that I have encountered seemed only to be trying to make a quick dollar by exposing me to a few popular songs, the extent of their teaching skills being limited to showing me a few scales. And then came Raisa Isaacs. I’ve always dreamed about finding a piano teacher who not only possessed the knowledge that I craved, but also had the skills required to convey that knowledge to others. Raisa has taught me that merely sitting down at the piano is not enough. One has to learn about the composers whose music they are attempting to reproduce. One has to be aware of the many different interpretations of music written by the masters, and how to select the best ones. Her obvious enthusiasm serves only to motivate me to learn. So far, Raisa has provided me with a solution to every problem that I’ve approached her with. I’m sure that had I started lessons with Raisa years ago, I would now be much closer to the level of playing that I am trying to reach! I’d strongly recommend Raisa Isaacs to anyone who is serious about learning to master the piano!

James B., Stone Mountain

My 2 children are eager to practice and have learned so much in a short period of time. 

We look forward to continuing our lessons for years to come!

Anne F. – Alpharetta

My experiences with my piano instructor have been really beneficial especially in my technical areas. I have learned lots of information about many classical and modern composers, the time they lived in, and the way their music is meant to be played.

E. A., Alpharetta

Learning a new skill later in life requires a trainer with patience, a great since of humor and the knowledge to answer all manner of questions.
Raisa inspires a thirst for more experience.

Her enthusiasm is contagious.

She requires that you learn not just put in the time.With Raisa as my music teacher a long and fulfilling relationship will develop.

F. F., Atlanta

My daughter and son have been taking piano lessons from Ms. Raisa for the past three years, and today I see both my kids love playing the piano.

             As a parent, I believe that Ms. Raisa is one of the best piano teachers my children can learn from. Her piano skills clearly        demonstrate her superior knowledge of music! Not only does Ms. Raisa help the kids to continue to improve their piano technique, but she also stresses the importance of emotion and meaning behind the music and moreover provides opportunities to perform at various competitions which are very helpful. I highly recommend her to anyone who is starting or wants to improve their skills in piano. Thanks

Anita D’Souza, Dunwoody
It is often said that practice makes perfect. Not quite, only correct practice will allow you to improve. I have spent years doing the wrong thing and have now with Raisa, within one year, improved to a level I thought was unattainable. She is a remarkable teacher and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Gerald LaFlamme, Marietta
Ms. Raisa is amazing at what she does. She teaches in a way that I could understand easily. Also, she’s a miraculous piano player herself. She brought a whole new level for my piano skills. For such a short time period, I have learned so much from her, and I have improved a lot from when I first started. Not only does she teach technically, but she teaches us the emotional aspects of the pieces. I will never forget my past, present, and future studies with her. I’m very lucky to have such an amazing teacher, Ms. Raisa!
D.D., Atlanta
Dr. Isaacs is a fantastic piano teacher.  She has taken me from barely being able to play with two hands at the same time to playing Chopin Preludes from memory in a little over a year.  She has a depth of knowledge that surpasses most of the professional music educators that I know.   I highly recommend that you take lessons from this amazing music educator!
J.T., Cumming
Hello Mrs. Raisa,
I took lessons with you for four years in Alpharetta before my family moved back to Birmingham, Alabama in 2008.  I graduated from high school this year and am preparing for my Senior Recital which will be held next month.  I am sending you my invitation because I want to share this moment with you.  I will be recognizing you in my program because of the significant influence you have had on my musical development.  I am certain that my successes in piano are largely due to the excellent preparation I received as your student.  I have accepted a scholarship to attend the University of Alabama this fall where I will continue my piano studies along with Biology.  I sincerely thank you.  I am fortunate to have been your student and I will always be grateful to you!
Your former student,
Gabrielle  Agnew, Birmingham, AL
Raisa is an amazing piano teacher. She has molded my experience in lessons to help me achieve my very specific goals with piano. She pushes me hard and gives me many opportunities to perform in public and at festivals and competitions.
Josh T., Cumming