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Lately, constantly improving technology has perfected video and sound connection up to the level when you could expect an adequate virtual piano lesson at a convenient time at your home!

Webcam live piano lesson is for you if:

  • it eliminates your traffic problems, gasoline cost and saves your time;
  • you don’t feel well enough to drive, or inclement weather prevents you from getting to the studio;
  • you are convinced with the information about my expertise and experience, but located in relatively long distance from the studio, in another town, state or even country;
  • you want to have an extra lesson before your performance, which takes a place at a different location, want to discuss interpretation problems considering the current hall conditions, or just to get a final touch for your performance – have your rehearsal with your mentor online right away!
  • you are interested in the second opinion and you would like to sign-up for a one-time lesson of 30, 45,or 60 min.

It’s easy to connect using:

Online Skype Piano Lessons

  1. Computer (PC or Mac);
  2. Webcam (you can use computer built-in camera or purchase external one for better quality like Logitech, LifeCam Cinema or any other model on;
  3. High-Speed Internet;
  4. Skype Account.

Skype is FREE and requires only few steps to get started. Visit, choose Video Calling, click video information See How Easy it is to Make Video Calls with Skype, click Get Skype (free version) and create your own account. You will have to send your Skype User Name to your instructor in advance.

Sometimes Skype is preinstalled on newer computers.

Please call 770 650-9139 or e-mail to
-to discuss details;
-to schedule lessons;
-to schedule a trial-lesson (30 min.- $20 plus 15 min. free)

Please visit and for more information about Dr. Raisa Isaacs studio events and performing opportunities.

The session process:

Turn on your webcam, open Skype application and connect with your teacher at the appropriate time. Once you are connected, you will see your teacher and yourself on two screens.

You can diminish your image size to observe hands position and motions during your instructor’s demonstrations and explanations on the larger screen.

Piano Performance issues, Theory and Interpretation of Styles will be discussed at the similar pace like in the studio. However, for Performance you would need to number measures in your pieces for the most effective time utilization. I will keep track of the lessons with the assignments to ensure growing progress of each junior student. Adult students will choose their own way of synopsis. However, in addition, I will e-mail any written information, if it is necessary.

You can choose a combo option of webcam and onsite private lessons at my studio if you feel that it would reinforce your learning online.

Tuition payments are required to be made in full no less than 24 hours before the lesson and based on a monthly (for weekly lessons students) or by-weekly basis (this option is only for adult students, who prefer to have lessons every other week). We accept all major Credit Cards as well as PayPal. If you wish to pay by check, please contact to request the business mail address.

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