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2010 / 2011 News/Articles

Valentine’s Baroque recital featured solo and chamber music by Frecsobldi, Fr. Couperin, Leclair, and J.S. Bach at the Oglethorpe University  Museum of Arts. Raisa Isaacs – harpsichord, Nancy Schechter—baroque violin.


Combo Piano Recital – Amateur Adult Deborah Brown and Junior Senior Victoria Yang performed alternatively compositions by Beethoven (Sonata Op.2, No.2 and Op.53), Rachmaninoff (Prelude and Polishinelle), and Liszt (Mephisto-Waltz and Hungarian Rhapsody No.2) in May at the Steinway Piano Galleries. Extremely difficult program is the way to grow as an artist and pianist, and I encourage my students to challenge themselves to “break the seiling”.

In spite of the conflicts for many students, who could not participate in Spring Studio recital – it took about two hours, as students performed programs from Burgmuller to Beethoven’s “Appassionata”.

As usual, Award Ceremony was the most exciting and rewarding moment, concluding the entire academic year of efforts and dedication to piano performance.

Victoria Yang, our Senior, received Studio Trophy andfive certificates – from AMTA, NDMTA, NFMC (Superior+), Local Audition (OP) and from my Studio for her musical achievements during studying at the Studio from 2004 to 2011. She is the winner of Chopin Competition (Chopin Society of Atlanta), NDMTA Sonata Competition, GCSU Piano Olympics Competition, NFMC Summer Camp Scholarship, three times GMTA Conference Recitalist and the winner of the Georgia Governor’s Honor Program (Georgia Department of Education). Victoria decided to continue her music education in college, all together with other subjects. Good luck in her endeavors!


Her sister, Nina Yang, is persistently disciplined in gaining larger and larger Studio Trophies. Based on the point system for each lesson and her participating in all piano events throughout the year, she has accumulated 850 points by this time!

Bravo, Nina! Doyle Wang followed her with the trophy of 500 points! Other students received trophies according to their efforts and years of studying as well.


24 students participated in NFMC Festival in Decatur chapter. All of them received Superior and Superior +.

Three students received cups for 3 (Yangyang Lee) and 6 (Deborah Brown and Jocelyn Yang) consecutive Superiors. What a great job!

It is especially impressive when adult student receives Cup for 6 years! (Silver Cup for Seniors). Deborah Brown, full time IT professional, Ph.D in Math, always finds time for her favorite lifelong affair – music, performing in Solo Recitals and all possible events for Amateur Adults.


Your Piano Teacher chaired RWA Program “Joy of Music”and gave several presentations through the year (French Court Dance, Great Loves of Great Composers, and Symphony Orchestra and Conductors). It was an interesting experience – to present for non-professionals, and it was very inspiring to receive many positive feedbacks (more at www.atlmta.org in January Newsletter). 

Your Piano Teacher visited Ufa State Institute of Arts (Conservatory) in Russia, where she was teaching for years. The 18th c. building belonged to Nobility Assembly and is well known as having an acoustically excellent hall. The closest for years S. Rachmaninoff’s friend, famous Russian bass Fedor Chaliapin has made his debut in Ufa and has sang in this hall.

Raisa Isaacs presented on both, piano and harpsichord, lecture-recital “J.S. Bach and ways of adaptation Baroque Performance Practice on the modern keyboard instruments”.

Casual February Home Recital with the following reception has always been one of the charming events for adults, who prefer to perform in a private environment. It is enjoyable to communicate after the (still!) stress of performing with your friends and spouses and share your life experiences in a friendly chatting.

As a Chair of AMTA Out State Presenters Program, in January we welcomed Executive Director of Monmouth Conservatory, NJ and renowned pianist Vladislav Kovalsky. Mr. Kovaslky is still carrying Natan Perelman’s traditions of St. Petersburg Conservatory, Russia, in its integrity. He gave master class and presentation at GSU and for three Music Teachers Associations in the Atlanta Metro Area (AMTA, NDMTA, and NDMTA).

I like my students to encounter with different teaching techniques and ideas and offered Mr. Kovalsky to have private lessons with my students. I was sure that they would benefit in receiving an invaluable and inspiring information regarding historically based musical approach and technical skill of the “Russian full-tone touch”.

As AMTA member mentioned in the Newsletter: ”Kovalsky emphasized going to the text for interpretation of the compositions and getting to the heart of what the composer was saying in his score, in regard to the melody, phrase line, pulse, character of the music, and tempo that best portrayed the composer’s intent. When that all happens, the performer is at his optimum level of balance of voicing and interpretation”.

Winter Studio Recital was held at the Steinway Piano Galleries on December 18.

As usual – Studio Recital is an opportunity to perform new programs for the coming Spring events (MFMC, Auditions and etc.) before an audience. Though friendly – it is always more challenging to perform in open to public recitals.

Your teacher, Raisa Isaacs, was an Artistic Director and Harpsichordist at the recitals of French Baroque and German-French Baroque on Period Instruments that were performed at OUMA on November 14, 2010 and at the Church of the New Covenant on April 3, 2011. Programs featured solo and chamber music of Bach, Rameau, Couperin, La Guerre, Marais and Leclair.

French Baroque Recital was prepared in conjunction with the French Master Drawings and Sculpture Exhibition at the Oglethorpe University Museum of Arts, and as a very specific style in Baroque music required thoughtful research work and detailed, sensitive collaboration between partners.

As live illustration, the group participated in my presentation for NDMTA “French Influences in J. S. Bach’s music”as well.


AMTA Romantic Festival & Competition for Juniors and Amateur Adults estimated by colleagues among the higher rank students’ events in Atlanta area and brought new OP, OPR and AW results for 22 students participated in the Festival category. As a Chair of the Romantic Festival I was pleased to see many applicants from different chapters. Our judges (Evgeny Rifkin, UGA, Geoffrey Haydon, GSU, Kevin Chance, AU) mentioned many performances with difficult programs and polished quality.