2009/2010 News/Articles


Your teacher, Raisa Parmenier Isaacs was invited to participate in the recital of the World Famous Mandolin Recording Artist Carlo Aonzo (Italy) in Atlanta popular Chamber Concerts series “Music on the Hill” on June 27, 2010.



Piano Studio Recital was held at the Southern Keyboards on May 22, 2010 and as usual was concluded with the ceremony of the Studio Trophy Awards. Since the points are accumulative from year to year–the most persistent and disciplined students received as much as 800 pt. trophy! (Nina Yang). Her impressive reward was very inspiring for the younger students. Students received Certificates and other events Trophy at the recital as well.


Adult Students Piano Recital – collaboration of Deborah Brown and Saeka Hasegawa, was held on May 2, 3pm at the Steinway Piano Galleries. Their program included the most renowned compositions by Chopin (Etudes) Beethoven (“Appassionata”, Sonata No.2) and Rachmaninoff (Etude-Tableau and Preludes). I accompanied Deborah in the most famous the 2nd Concerto by S.Rachmaninoff. After intermission the audience enjoyed pieces based on American and Japanese tunes. At the end of the recital Deborah and Saeka performed piano duet pieces by Aram Chatschaturjan and Darius Milhaud and deserved encouraging applauses of the excited audience.


Your teacher, Raisa Parmentier Isaacs, performed as a Collaborative Pianist in Opera Workshop Production at the Reinhardt University on April 20,2010 and in Senior recitals.


The whole music world celebrates 2010 as a year of 200th anniversary of the birth of Chopin and Schumann. The major forum for all teachers in US – Music Teachers National Conference (MTNA) commemorated this event in the Pedagogy Pre-Conference “Rediscovering Chopin” program in Albuquerque, NM on March 20–22, 2010. Numerous presentations, master classes with the leading performers of Chopin piano repertoire (Kevin Kenner, Winner of Warsaw Chopin Competition) with the winners of Canada and USA Chopin Competitions raised many questions about modern interpretation of the most performed composer of the Romantic period. Your teacher’s review of the event and contemplation about the trends in Chopin’s performance were published on


VistoriaYangGMTA Spring Audition is the most competitive event for piano students in Atlanta area and requires a diligent work and meticulous preparation. Victoria Yang and Nina Yang participated this year in the Local Audition and passed with OP to the State level, where Victoria Yang received the 3rd time very honorable GMTA Conference Recitalist award in addition to OP. She will perform at GMTA conference on November 4-6, 2010 at Augusta State University.






Atlanta Fest (AMTA) at the Southern Keyboards greeted with Superior grades 18 students of my studio on February 28, 2010. Congratulations! Their names: Angela Lee, Yanyang Li, Chelsea Thorpe, Sainath Rajendrakumar, Jasmine Ewe, Bowen Ewe, Anna Hu ,Michael Hu, Doyle Wang ,Georgianna Lin,Nina Yang, Victoria Yang, Emily Ku,Tylor Tran, Jacqline Tran, Eric Pan, Jessica Pan and Suprotik Debnath.

National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) brought Superiors with the excellent judge comments on February 20, 2010. NFMC is a valuable opportunity to receive comments from the faculty members of the universities for Adult amateur students. Very few piano events accept Adult students. Some of them—Deborah Brown, Meera Barve, Saeka Hasegawa and Josh Tyree successfully participated in this event. Doyle Wang, Suprotik Debnath, Nina Yang, Victoria Yang and Meghna Rao received Junior Golden Cups for 3 and 6! Consecutive Superiors. Adult student Meera Barve received Senior Silver Cup for 3 consecutive Superiors.


Superior students: Georgianna Lin, Bernardo Moreira, Suprotik Debnath, Yangyang Li, Doyle Wang. Chelsea Thorpe, Jasmine Ewe, Bowen Ewe, Nina Yang, Victoria Yang, Meghna Rao, Avinash Rao, Sainah Rajendrakumar, Emily Ku, Anna Hu, Michael Hu, Eric Pan, Jessica Pan, Meera Barve, Deborah Brown, Josh Tyree, Saeka Hasegawa.

Nina Yang has become a Winner 2010 in Decatur Chapter of NFMC and received a scholarship for aSummer Camp. She has chosen University of North Caroline (UNC) in Greensboro and will spend a week on the campus with the leading professors of the university.

Her older sister, Victoria Yang, who was the Winner at the NFMC Festival in 2009, was nominated and has won participation in Georgia Governor’s Honor Program (Georgia Department of Education) She will attend the six-week summer program at Valdosta State University in Georgia. GHP is an opportunity for gifted high school juniors and seniors to study in depth artistic field of interest with college instructors in the university campus environment. For more info about Georgia Department of Education’s Governor’s Honors programs visit:

Your piano teacher, Raisa Parmentier Isaacs was an Artistic Director and Harpsichordist of the German Baroque Chamber Music Recital on Period Instruments. We participated in two recitals in Atlanta: Oglethorpe University of Museum of Arts (February 7) and in Atlanta well-known series of Chamber Concerts “Music on the Hill”(January 31). In spite of uniqueness and elite kind of audience who would be interested in such specific concerts—the halls were full and performers received very enthusiastic and grateful applauses.


The 1st Romantic Festival-Competition (AMTA)started 2009-2010 Academic year. It featured very strong young and amateur adult performers in Atlanta area and was evaluated by the team of highly esteemed judges from UGA and Columbus State University. Students were judged based on their sensitivity to melodical line, musicality and technical abilities to express their intensions. We had OPR (Outstanding Performer Recitalists) in Elementary (Michael Hu) and Adult (Deborah Brown, Josh Tyree, Meera Barve) Categories.