Monmouth COnserv NJ Jan 2016 Web

Monmouth Conservatory Baroque Recital, New Jersey

Monmouth COnserv NJ jan 2016 webRaisa Isaacs was invited to participate with the Baroque program in the series of the recitals celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Monmouth Conservatory of Music in New Jersey on December 20, 2014. The program featured solo and chamber music works of Frescobaldi, Froberger, A. Mayone, Bach, Scarlatti, and Lorenziti.
Elena Kraineva, the faculty of Indiana University, joined the recital with her beautiful and rare instrument viola D’Amore. It was very rewarding to know from the Conservatory Board members that people were leaving the hall after the recital ” with sparks in their eyes…” Baroque music still touches our hearts…